Image Analyst MKIIFunctions Glossary
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Pipeline Optimization Parameter
2D Kernel Convolution
2D DFT Filter
2D DFT Filter Butterworth BP
2D DFT Filter Butterworth BP Tiled
2D Median
2D Nonlinear Filter
2D Savitzky-Golay filter
Absolute Value
Anisotropic Diffusion Filter
Watershed Segmentation
Secondary Watershed Segmentation
Affine Transformation
Align Channels
Align Series (Image Stabilizer)
Align Tiled Channels
Align Tiled Series (Image Stabilizer)
Fill or Mask Active ROI
Scalar Arithmetic
Scalar Arithmetic Multi
Automatic ROI drawing
Subtract Background or Normalize
Copy ROIs from Other Image
Correct Intensity Jump
Correct Lens Distortion
Plot Correlation (Colocalization)
Count Object Colocalization
Count Division and Cell Death
Create ROI
Create ROIs from Segments
Crop Image to Segments
Detect Nuclei Convolution
Differential Evolution Optimizer
Distance from Segments
Draw Model Mitochondrion
Draw Random Position Model Mitochondria
Erase All ROIs
Excel Window Command
Fill Mask
Band Pass filter Optimization
Get Image Information
Get Linked Channel
Calculate Spatial Moments
If Greater Than Zero
Image Arithmetic
Image Arithmetic Single Frame
Image Arithmetic In Place
Attach Intensity Gating Image
Inpaint Mask
Lens Correction Optimization
Load ROIs
Mask Borders
Mask Frames by Plot Values
Mask Images
Spectral Unmix
Multi-Dimensional Open Information
Multi-Dimensional Open Stage Position
Measure Object Morphology
Measure Object Intensity
2D Morphological Operator
New Image
New Time Scale
Blind Spectral Unmix with NMF
Sensor Noise Characteristics
Onset Image
Open File
Optical Flow
Attach Overlay Image
Pipeline Optimization
Plot Intensities Corresponding to Segments
Plot Morphological Parameters of Segments
Plot Tracking Parameters
PMPI Complete Calibration
PMPI Complete Calibration with known kP
PMPI Calibration with [K+]ec steps and known [K+]ic and known kP
PMPI Short Calibration between known baseline and CDC
PMPI Short Calibration between known baseline and separately measured fP0
PMPI Short Calibration between known baseline and MDC
PMPI Short Calibration based on known potential during MDC and CDC
PMPI Short Calibration from Zero with fx=0
Potential calibration constants
Potential calibration error propagation
Potential calibration expert overrides
Calibration Wizard Parameters
T or Z-project
Projection of Vectors from a Point
Plot Ratio
ReCount Division and Cell Death
Reevaluate Segments
Multi-Dimensional Reload Channel
Remove Blank Frames
Resample Image
ROI Classifiers
Temporal Rolling Projection
Load and Run Pipeline
Run Membrane Potential Calibration
Save ROIs
Select by Number
Set Reference Image
Set Scaling/LUT
Set Segmentation Classifiers
Set Segmentation Intensity Classifiers
Calculate Simple Crossbleed
Simple 2D Cross-correlation
Simple Segmentation
Strip to Well Cell Count
Substitute Poisson Noise
Template Matching
Temporal Average Filter
Temporal Block Filter
Temporal Median Filter
Temporal Savitzky-Golay Filter
Time Stamp and Scale Bar
TMRM Complete Calibration
TMRM Complete Calibration with known kT
TMRM Short Calibration between known baseline and MDC or CDC
Track Objects
Thinness Ratio Optimization
Truncate or Cut
Wait for All Inputs
Wiener filter
Window Menu Command
Write Back Scaled Values
Cross-correlation data
Cross-correlation image
Image Analyst MKII Functions
Name Short Name Type Description
Name of the parameter Short name used when called from Mathematica integer,
Each image processing function has an input of one or more image sequences, and a set of parameters shown in the above table.
Image processing functions in Image Analyst MKII can be accessed from the Main Menu items between "I/O" and "Special".
These functions are also accessible from the Pipeline.
All functions are accessible in a fully parametric form from Wolfram Research Mathematica. 'Short Names' are used when calling functions from Mathematica.

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